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Running Fred 2

Running fred 2

Running Fred 2 is an interactive third person platform game that features the hapless hero, Fred, as he runs from the dead. It is the sequel to the previously loved original version, Running Fred. The game is the perfect marriage between efficient controls and fast paced action. The game features a variety of maneuvers, such as acrobatic moves, perilous traps, three different game modes, and multiple characters which you can play.

This running game, which is seemingly simple, will take you for a gut-wrenching adventure. The premise behind the game is Fred is trying to escape from his own death at the hands of the Grim Reaper. He has fallen into a dungeon that is loaded with traps. As you maneuver him to safety, he can collect coins, which serves numerous purposes, from given him extra tricks and to upgrading his avatar.

This game is exclusively compatible with android devices, and not apple devices. Although there are a few hidden glitches in the system, the game is incredibly addictive, gory, and requires pair of deft hands along with some luck and skill.However, if you have neither an Android nor an Apple mobile device, this game can also be found online. An upgrade that this version has over its previous version are the addition of more tutorials.

This helps narrow the learning curve for those of you who have never played runningfred before.If you enjoy customization, you can dress your avatar how you please. The game comes with plenty of great power-ups, as well as a shop. The graphics of this game are rife with vivid colors, and users almost feel like they're right there in the game running with Fred as he falls from tall heights.

Finally, the game is free so it's not hard on your wallet at all. There are a couple of ads that pop up when the game first starts up, and when the character dies. However, this is a small price to pay for how many hours of entertainment this game will bring you.